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If you want me to ... makeMe!

“We are living in the age of an individual centered society, makeMe envisions the next evolution –

the Individual-Centered-Economy - a monetization of the individual by the individual"

In the current paradigm, people have been conditioned to give away their valuable time, attention, presence, network, data for free - their human assets

makeMe will allow the INDIVIDUALS to monetize from these valuable human assets, instead of CORPORATES


Its all about Ownership and Value!

makeMe serve individuals - as the protector of ownership and the creator of value


Individuals own their Data, Network, they should be captured, stored, and used only with individual's consent. 


Individuals own their Human Assets, they should be the one monetizing from those assets' value. 


Individuals' Human Assets should be treated respectfully.  They should be protected by the best technology available.


Learn All About the Advantages that Our Platform Has to Offer

We Build a Platform

The platform will enable a direct communication channel for a proposition - a body of interest, a corporate, another person can incentivize individual into action: an investment of the individual human assets, in return for an immediate compensation in the form of a digital token.

The platform will bring value to both Individuals and businesses.

Technology is the Key

The platform uses a decentralized system which keeps the users’ privacy and is immutable, and tamper-proof.

The Blockchain-based technology is distributed, transparent, direct, cryptocurrencies enabler, while Smart-Contracts adds the required trust and is automated and dynamic.


There is Another Way!

We believe in the Individual-Centered-Economy

We used to value our privacy, our data, we gave them away for free online services...

Human society changes tend to a “pendulum effect”....It progresses and corrects in a way that gains the required momentum for a change. But this pendulum never stops on the equilibrium position, the momentum drives it too far to the opposite extreme. This phenomenon caused one of the situations we are at nowadays, as it relates to data, privacy, and ownership - we became a product for many corporates business models.

makeMe wants to help bring the equilibrium back, by putting the Individual at the center, by allowing a new direction for the money flow within the economy - an Individual-Centered-Economy makeMe is the first platform for returning ownership to the individual, protecting his human assets, and building an ecosystem allowing him to profit from them.   


The Team


Zion Mitrani, Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, brings in Thought Leadership and Technology; Product Innovation and Delivery in complex, high-volume real-time enterprise environments as in RSA and PwC. Deep understanding of Crypto-Blockchain, AI/ML technologies, R&D processes, and market needs. Many years of leadership and management, in startup industry and corporate world. Holding MSc in quantum physics and BSc in computer science from Tel-Aviv University


Gena Ostrovsky, CTO/VP R&D

A multi-discipline technology expert, managing and leading innovation. Vast experience in leading architecture, design, scalability, high-performance, data-driven solutions in ExactCost, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs. Deep knowledge in mobile application, server-side, DB, and Blockchain technology. Holding BSc in Computer Science Tel Aviv University’

Ian pic_edited.jpg

Ian Arden, Blockchain Advisor

Co-founder and CEO at Applicature. Besides managing the company, Ian coaches blockchain companies and helps strategize tokenization across various industries. An experienced technology manager and advisor in blockchain, Ian has been involved in many blockchain projects, Token Sales’ and technical development projects.

udi pic_edited.png

Udi Doenyas, Security Advisor  

Co-founder & CTO NSO Group (Billion $ cyber offense company acquired by FP), Founder of Privacy Solutions (Cubed-Mobile, acquired by NNG), Founder & GM of INTACT secured mobile (Communitake) and of LOB in Giant Steps (acquired by BATAM); Board member of Einat Cooperative conglomerate and several info-sec startups. BSc. Math& Computers from TLV, and eMBA Cum Laude from HUJI.


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